Driving in Holland can be a tedious experience; lots of traffic jams and slow moving cars. One of the things I really like to do when I’m stuck, is to watch the driver behind me in my rearview mirror… I know, it’s voyeuristic, well, very voyeuristic as the driver behind me has no idea that he or she is being watched.

But that’s the beauty. I’ve seen people singing to the radio, picking their noses, yawning, or boringly and annoyingly ignoring their spouse on the seat next to them, making telephone calls, looking around, smoking or chewing bubblegum with their mouths open… It’s great stuff! I’m thinking, there must be a market for a device that can record what you see in your rearview mirror. Take a snapshot, or record a short video…

My pda makes reasonably good pictures, I’m going to try and capture some of these wonderful moments and post them here if they’re not too embarassing.