or however you spell it…

Canooing is fun! Especially when people boat around you making waves that get you all wet. Nonetheless, it’s quite nice to see Leiden from a different perspective and transpire while you’re at it. The weather didn’t seem to allow it during the day, but it got better and the wind subsided a lot so the water was pretty calm and perfect for hiring a canoo and exploring Leiden :).

I went around the Witte Singel and paddled back through the Oude rijn, which took me about 75 minutes. I didn’t want to pass the Nieuwe Rijn as it was probably full of people, and I didn’t want to go through the smaller canals as a previous experience with swans has led me to avoid these locations as much as possible. What you don’t want to do is try to pass a male and female swan with chicks in a narrow canal in a canoo. I mean, that’s just asking to be savaged by a bird and get a good dose of nightmare-quality fear of birds in general.

What I did do was take pictures of the Plantsoen and various other locations on my route. Check them out!


My pictures are here