So I had my first surfing-lesson today! To be honest, I’m trying this mainly because my (ex?) girlfriend is a surfer and I am curious about the whole surf sensation. So I booked a lesson in Katwijk today and I’ve just spent two hours in the sea with a surfing board! I won’t say *on* a surfing board, because it’s obvious. I am not a genius. Nor do I have the talent.

While the instructor told us the waves were really great, I only managed to catch three of them during all of two hours, and paddling at that, certainly not standing up. BUT catching those three waves was a huge thrill! I’m not fit at all and could barely keep my board balanced, but I think once I get the hang of a board I might just enjoy it a whole lot more! Even sitting on a board would be an improvement right now, something I might just go for on my next lesson!

Marco and his plank Surfing lesson