So far so good! I had my last cigarette on Sunday and now, Wednesday, I still haven’t had one. But I must admit that it’s getting a little harder. Sitting somewhere on a terrace with a cup of tea, and there you go… I must concentrate for a few minutes on letting the urge pass. Because I know it will pass and when it’s gone I will feel a lot better about myself for not lighting up. Thinking about the feeling just after having a cigarette really works. I never liked that feeling, when your heart-rate is higher and you’re generally more lazy in your body and your mind.

Of course, no day is a good day to quit smoking (or rather, a convenient day–everyday is a good day to quit!), but since Marieke and I sort of split up my emotional imbalance through not smoking isn’t easy to handle at all times. In fact, it just makes me more miserable most of the time. I’m not sure which part is caused by not smoking and which by our break-up, though, but dealing with both at the same time is fucking awful. Never mind losing a lot of sleep because I have way too much energy at the moment due to the absence of nicotine and… well… you know 😉

Hey! Enough wining already! It’s a great day outside and I have to just keep moving! I’m going to book a holiday right now and stop thinking about both Marieke and cigarettes…

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