Sweden & Surfin’ is not to be taken as an advert for the really great surfing opportunities all along the 23,6 km long Swedish coastline, but rather as a combination of activities that I’ll be doing…

Ok, we all know what Swedish women look like, but the mountains I’m going to see there in August will mostly have either trees or snow, or both on top of them. Yes, I’ve booked a 17-day active group holiday in Sweden! It’ll be camping, walking (a lot of it), some biking, some boating and a small safari as well. Check out http://www.nosun.nl/groepsreizen_20_tm_40_jaar/dalarna/ for the schedule and a list of all the activities… 🙂

And… Wednesday I’ll have my second surfing lesson! The surfing school called me because the guys I was with last time decided to have another surfing lesson and since I showed interest in following more lessons with people my age and boarding-skill, he called me to ask to join them. The good part is, they’re probably going to rent themselves two boards, go off and I’ll be having the pleasure of a private lesson for a regular fee 🙂

Gosh, life can be good. Especially since the burden of heartbreak is a lot lighter since Marieke and I have had a few good talks and emails and still like each other 🙂