Since I’ll be going to Sweden in just over two weeks and since my old digital camera is two years old and second-hand, I thought it was time to purchase a new digital camera. Marieke owns a Canon Powershot and I fiddled around with it now and again and really liked the look and feel of it, so I started out with a brand-preference. It just so happens I came across a good holiday-pack-deal at, where they put together the Canon Powershot A460, a pack of rechargeable batteries, a recharger (0bviously) and a 2GB memory card. For 159 euros. (!!)

So, just to make sure everybody knows why I needed a new camera, here’s two pictures of the same old, wrinkled and ugly subject, one taken with my old Olympus digital camera (the C-150), and the other with my new Canon Powershot A460. It’s probably not too hard to guess which is which…



Oh, for those who thought I would be surfing tonight… there’s gale-force 7 in Holland and my instructor told me it wouldn’t be very good conditions for a novice to learn surfing… šŸ˜¦ Just have to wait for the next opportunity or move to a place where surfing-requirements were taken into consideration in the grand geographical design of the place. Where waves are better. I was looking forward to an active evening, I guess I’ll have to get my bike out then! šŸ™‚