I met my brother yesterday in Rotterdam, where the Zomercarnaval festival was taking place. We didn’t see much of it because we didn’t meet to see it, but the city was very crowded and full of anticipation and really ugly women. Anyway, we had a few games of pool at Breakaway, and talked about how to set up a website and how I could help him do so. And I beat him 5 games to 1.


Corjan lining up a shot…

Then, last night, I went and celebrated Carolien’s 25th birthday! I was a bit anxious about the whole thing as it would be the first time I’d be surrounded by smokers since quitting. I didn’t really want to drink alcohol either, but I did anyway and had a good time with it. Most of the evening I talked to D. who is also a smoker and even though I fiddled around with someone’s cigarettes, I didn’t light one! It didn’t take a lot of effort to withstand the urge to smoke, but the urge was there all evening. After we left the party we went to Stampa which is a horrible place full of Leidse Ordi. I put my sweater inside D.’s jacket, but when I had my fill and wanted to go home she didn’t want to take out her jacket for me, so instead I walked home wearing only my black shirt. Luckily it wasn’t raining (very hard) and it was still warm.

Marco and Carolien

And right now even though I have a hangover I feel sooooo good for not smoking! It’s a happy Sunday!