… just made my holiday almost twice as expensive…

There is: a backpack, a pair of walking-shoes, a pair of walking-pants, a pair of walking-socks, a red plate, a 1 liter flask, lip-embalment, feet-ointment, a book with Swedish pick-up lines, a firstaid kit, a sleeping-bag and a weather-resistant jacket. All I need now is a small and portable music player that can play Rammstein songs to scare away the wildlife (and possibly fellow-travellers) as far back as Norway. Thanks go out to Marieke for her helpful advice and her wit to steer me away from women’s pants, bikers’ clothing and cold fleece-sweaters. Not to mention cheap, cold and uncomfortable sleeping-bags!

Still have to wait another week before we depart to Dalarna, but there’s a forum available for the entire group to leave messages to each other, so we can already get to know each other a little bit. I guess the real ‘getting-to-know’ will take place once we board the coach and arrive in Sweden. All the more to look forward to!

I’ll be breaking in my shoes till then, maybe getting to know my equipment a little better by using it (although I won’t be sleeping on my balcony in my sleeping bag), and learning Swedish things to say in conversation… stannar du hos mig i natt?