I took my camera out last night to get some pictures of the things that are beautiful but usually go unnoticed. Stuff like traffic signs in the middle of the night, busstops, empty school buildings, platforms at railway stations, apartmentbuildings in the distance, abandoned cars. I’ve made a page on my picasa page, called Useless Beauty, and I’ve uploaded some of the photographs I took last night. There are some other pictures there, too. Also, check out uselessbeauty.com!

Here’s one of my favorites of last night:

I went out to break in my new shoes, and just to get out for a bit. I was rather upset with Marieke after one of her posts and I wanted to do something to cheer me up. Something that I have never seen or heard anybody else do, so I took out my new camera and my tripod and walked around my neighborhood for about an hour between 11 and 12 pm, taking pictures of things and places that I thought looked pretty, weird, eery or intriguing (or a combination of those). I’m not really satisfied with the results, but I have to experiment with my camera a bit more before I can get what I want in a photograph. Still, it was good fun and maybe tonight I’ll take my analog camera with me.