Yesterday I had so much fun early in the morning! I was chosen as an extra in a small corporate movie in which Capgemini expresses its purpose and the ways in which it can help other companies improve their products and their procedures. It’s a two-minute film with a voice-over, and lots of different scenes of people at work and in their private lives.

Me and a collegue, Anne, had to act like a couple. We had two scenes where we would sit on the couch in someone’s living room and watch tv or watch a movie on a laptop. During the scene where we are watching tv, they recorded me mimicking the voice-over that they recorded previously and which runs through the entire film. I only mimicked one sentence, but it was cool to have been given ‘text’! We were pretty much done in about 10 minutes which was a bit of a dissapointment, really. It was so much fun to have a huge camera stuck in my face, a director that shouts “Ready for take! Camera!” and then somebody else shouts “Running!” and then the director shouts “Action!”. I almost wondered what the fuss was about because apart from my lines, all we had to do was sit still and either watch tv together or have Anna watching me watching a laptop. Not much action going on…

The couch we shot our two scenes on
Our couch… wasn’t very comfortable with 15+ people looking at us
Apparently, some Capgemini employees are hard-rock singers in their spare time...
Shooting a scene with a Capgemini employee enjoying mimicking hard-rock in the middle of the street on a very warm day

Since it was such a beautiful day I went swimming in the afternoon when I came home from the shoot, but the beach was seriously crowded. There was some water left for me to have a great 20 mins swim in, though, which was a very welcome relief from the unrelenting heat. Later that afternoon, I walked to a friend’s house to give her my old digital camera. She lives in Voorschoten, and I thought it would be fun to walk over there in my new shoes at the height of the day’s heat. Ok, I may have a slight masochistic streak. The heat was pretty bad as long as I stayed out of the shadows, and the blisters were not too hard to handle. My initial estimate was that it couldn’t be more than a 25 minute walk. As it turned out, though, it took me about 45 minutes to get there even though I kept a fast pace. Thank goodness she made me a meal when I got there and provided some shade and light refreshments.

There’s no getting lost in Voorschoten (which is too bad because getting lost can be so much fun!)

Luckily D. called me when I was in Voorschoten for drinks later that evening. She suggested she pick me up in Voorschoten, drop me off at my place so I could have a quick shower, and then bike to the city center for a few drinks. We had a really good time, enjoying the beauty of Leiden at twillight. Amazing how a place where you’ve lived for any number of years can still surprise you. For instance, D. has lived in this region all her life and had never been to De Burcht cafe, which has the most romantic garden you can find in Leiden. Only, it’s well hidden and not many people know where it is.

But I do 🙂