A wedding

Yesterday I was sitting at work, hung over. I should have avoided that hangover–I wanted to avoid it–but I didn’t avoid it. I went to Lorien and Michael’s wedding party Thursday night in Katwijk. The plan was to enjoy myself and congratulate the wedding couple, take the last bus home (which left at 11pm) and be in bed by midnight. They way it worked out, though, was getting drunk, forgetting all about the last bus home, dancing till 1am and then ordering a taxi back home–and forgetting to set my alarm, oversleeping Friday morning, and consequently failing to get tickets to the Blue Man Group which were handed out at work. They were all gone by the time I got there. Anyway, the party was great! The dj played a mix of well-known songs, all happy and up-beat, there were many people around, Lorien and Michael looked great, and I may or may not have gotten the interest of a pretty woman–at the very least I got her number 🙂

An anniversary

In two week’s time it’s my parents 40th anniversary! We’re going for a long weekend with mom, dad, brother and me. Corjan and I booked a small summer house somewhere in Zeeland and we’re going to spend some time together, something we haven’t done in ages. While I was in Numansdorp, I also installed my old computer there so my parents can finally get onto the Internet as well. It was very nice to see most of the family again, and good to hear some encouraging stories about my uncle who’s receiving chemo-therapy at the moment.

We all had a small buffet and after cleaning up I left for Leiden, and dropped my brother off at his place on the way.

The salads we had!