Since I bought my Canon Powershot A460, I’ve picked up my old interest in photography again. It used to be analog of course, and not just taking pictures but developping as well. I actually enjoyed developping film and making prints in the bathroom at my parents’ place with the curtains drawn, but I can’t say I miss it. Going digital makes everything easier and cheaper! The effects in the pictures below (B&W, gradual tint, darkened shadows and sharpening, all done in Picasa) turned out reasonably well and that’s after 5 minutes of experimenting.

I particularly like the contrast in the sky. It was a dark and stormy night, but the original pictures didn’t show so much detail in their cloud formation–the sky was  a glowing blurr. By applying the B&W effect and after that a gradual tint with a lot of shade-effect, the contrasts in the sky were much richer and darker, and resemble the mood I wanted much better than the original.