My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and we’re all going on a weekend together today! My brother and I have booked a bungalow in Het Hof van Zeeland, and we’re having a surprise bouquet delivered this afternoon before we arrive. We don’t have a programme yet, but I suspect we’ll be touring a bit, walking around on the holiday parc, playing games and talking about the family. I hope the weather is going to stay like it is now (sunny and warm) so that we can be outside for most of the day, and perhaps I can go for a swim as well.

The only worry I have this weekend is Miesje, because she is recovering from a bladder infection. I’ve given her antibiotics last week, but they didn’t really work very well, and she stopped eating and drinking a few days ago. So I went to the vet yesterday and she received a dose of long-working antibiotics there, something to stimulate her appetite, and some water through a drip infusion. She’s been eating allright again since yesterday, so I hope when I come back on Sunday she’s in good spirits!

Yesterday me, Nelleke, Eelco and Willemijn prepared our gift to Joyce and Vincent, who are getting married September 22nd. We had so much fun! Can’t tell you anything about it (or upload some pictures) because they might read these pages, but I expect them to have a lot of fun with it, though not as much as we had putting it all together 🙂