Last Friday my mom, dad, brother and me went to Heinkenszand for the weekend, to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. It wasn’t a big party or anything, we simply spend some time togehter. I went there Friday afternoon, straight out of work. We had a flower arrangement sent to the parc for our parents which they were given on arrival, and we had dinner in the parc restaurant on Saturday–where the chef kindly made some effort on their desserts.

Mom and dad walking in Vlissingen

Apart from that, we played some games during the evening, we went to Goes on Saturday and to Vlissingen on Sunday. Goes is actually not a bad place at all, it reminds me of Leiden with the old town centre and lots of shops and of course a market. There wasn’t much else going on in Goes as opposed to Vlissingen; we went there to enjoy the view from the boulevard (where great big tankers¬†sail very close to the beach!) but instead we were treated to a beach-cross! It was very exciting to follow the race and see all the dynamics of motor racing on the beach: accidents, takeovers, the chase for the leader, negotiating the loose sand, the incredible noise of all those engines firing up at the same time!

Tanker close to the beach

100 engines going full throttle!