Tonight, I made some serious progress on the new ICT4FREE website. I’d been working with AKX (the ICT4FREE content management system, free for use by our customers) for almost 6 months, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’ve only been at it 4 or 5 hours a week, and there’s not a single line of comment in its code–makes it all the more fun really to figure out what the hell the code is doing. At this rate, I think the site will be finished somewhere in October and ready to go live at the beginning of November. This is my first real project at ICT4FREE, and even though no customer benefits from what I’m doing right now, it’s still gratifying. There’s already a new project waiting for me after I finish this one, which is basically setting up a website for a sportsclub for handicapped people. I’m looking forward to making my contribution there!

Makoho hard at work

I also bought a new suit today! I wanted to find a good, reasonably cheap suit and found one. After trying Hugo Boss suits, some Humberto Tan suits and a variety of others, I settled for a simple striped grey suit. And a good white shirt to go with it which I got at a discount from a very friendly lady. During my shopping, I had a smoothie somewhere and bought a Firefly fruitdrink, which comes in a very fance red glass bottle. It didn’t really taste all that different from other high-class fruitdrinks, but the bottle looked great!

And, I’ve just been on the phone with John for over an hour, catching up on our holidays and Rowan, his 6 months old son. Time for bed now!