Vincent and Joyce got married last Saturday! They threw one of the better parties I’ve been to, in Oegstgeest, with lots of people, a really good band and such a splendid atmosphere! I had dinner before, in Koetjes & Kalfjes, with Nelleke, Peter, Willemijn and Erik–a great restaurant with style and good food! As it was a very sunny and agreeable Saturday I biked there so I could have a few drinks and still get home on my own terms. Which meant, of course, that I was brought home by some friends, and had to catch the 9am bus the following moring to retrieve my bike and hurry to make it in time for a stupid meeting at 10.30. Luckily I found the time to have a cup of coffee at the trainstation and flick through the latest edition of Mister Motley, a (new) Dutch magazine about art. It couldn’t have been a much lovelier start of the day!

There were some old friends and acquintances at the wedding whom I hadn’t seen in a decade–mainly people from my student’s club LISC. It was weird to learn that almost all of them are married with children, while I knew them as I was: young and foolish, and with an appetite for booze and women–although I am still like that, actually.