I spent the entire day at home, recovering from a great party last night in Leiden, to celebrate Leids Ontzet! I met up with Carolien, Diana, Masha and Alex, Diana’s Mexican friend. Along the way I also met Pieter, Barton, Arnoud, Lorien and Erik, and had a great time! We went out till about three in the morning and then I biked home while the rest of the party took a cab home to Leiderdorp. However, I am getting older and drinking and dancing all night long has taken its toll: I was pretty hung over today and only since this evening do I feel better again (and I’m only 32!). But I did not smoke and that makes me feel pretty good despite the headache and general queasiness :).

Had a walk outside (lovely autumn smells, and a hint of fog) just now and came back with a few pictures of things in the street. I like things like this (phonebooths, busstops, apartment buildings, empty roads and traffic lights) as subject matter because they can and usually do look almost alien in their surroundings. Looking at this picture, I see that it makes sense to mask the Tardis as a phonebooth.