I saw Zijde on Friday night in the LAK Theater in Leiden, with Porgy Franssen. The story was rather good, I thought it would be mainly about the main character’s longing for Japan and the girl he left behind, but luckily that longing was not directly addressed too much. I liked the show and the story, and the fact that Porgy Franssen can, on his own, keep your attention for almost 90 minutes. The theme of the story is addressed in a few levels, although the play doesn’t seem to incorporate that into the story-teller’s performance. Still a good show, though.

Yesterday I went to IJsselstein (and you’d be right in asking “Why, for God’s sake, WHY??”–5 pubs and 2 dance-clubs, and all of them stacked to the roof with rural folk) for a reunion with my fellow travellers! We hadn’t seen each other since coming back from Sweden, and it was really nice to see most of them again. We played a few games of “Weerwolf” and had a pretty good time–we also looked at almost 1800 pictures Bart selected out of the 2300 or so that were available. I’m still not sure whether it’s a compliment that Roos started laughing whenever she saw my expression in those pictures. I guess my face says “I’m tying a knot.” whatever the hell I’m doing.

Some of us went out as well, but I went to bed early. The great thing was: we all slept in our sleeping bags, on a mat or on a couch. Just like the good old times in Sweden–except that we all had to share the living room. Or the kitchen, as that was where Bart deciced to sleep. Something he regretted when I got up early in the moring to make tea and coffee and kept waking him up. Anyway, after waking up, we all had breakfast outside in the sun before we went our separate ways again:

Martijn, Loes, Makoho, Ronny, Bart, Maaike–missing: Karin, Karolien, Wouter and Paul. And everybody who either went home the previous night (Marjolein, Michiel, Annika, Rosalie and Robert) or were unable to show up (Sander, Mark and Anne).

So after getting home, I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and dishes, making pancakes, making fennel-soup, and reading The Subway Chronicles (essays, edited by Jacqueling Cangro) and Shakespeare (by Bill Bryson), in the sun, on my balcony. Great weekend!