I’ve spent a delightful afternoon visiting de Horsten with Manuela, where we had cream tea for two. It was my first visit to de Horsten. We didn’t really plan it, though. Manuela came by to bring back my car; last night there was a general meeting at Toverlei after which we had a bit of a drink until 4.30 am–and Manuela was sober so she could drive us all home including herself! This afternoon she came round at 2 pm (when I was just out of bed and enjoying my first cup of tea) and after I showered we decided to go for a drink at the beach in Wassenaar (so she could drive the car a little longer). But halfway through I remembered that Joyce and Vincent’s wedding pictures where shot in De Horsten so I suggested we have cream tea there. Even though the scones were (very) small (particularly compared to those served in England) and I had to wait almost 20 minutes before I could place the order, we had a wonderful time enjoying the autumn’s rich colours and smells in the park. Although, since waking up this morning, I’ve also been tasting and smelling the olives and peppers I had as snacks last night 🙂

De Horsten’s tea house

We didn’t follow one of the walking trails as my toe is still a bit painful, especially when I’m walking, but we agreed to take the longest trail to Voorschoten someday. My toe is getting better and it has improved a lot since Monday, but it’s still a nuisance. I think I’ll work at home tomorrow to avoid the Monday commute, but the rest of the week at the office. It’s just easier to keep an eye on everybody’s workflow when I’m amongst the team–and I’m also not a fan of keeping 3 separate chat-windows open at the same time.

Aaaaannnnnd… last Friday night Nelleke, Willemijn, Vincent, Joyce, Erik, Peter and me created our wedding gift for Eelco and Wanda, who are getting married on the 25th. We made a wedding-cake using cans of food without their wrapper, and decorated the entire thing with paper, candles and foil. Just to live on the edge, we also included two or three cans of catfood :).