I’ve stumbled upon a very interesting thing this week at www.processing.org. It’s a programming language specifically designed to create visuals. I have barely begun to explore its possibilities but its potential seems overwhelming: fast, accurate, object oriented, and 100% exportable as a java applet! Processing has been designed to create art with–a new tool for a new medium for modern artists. I have had several visual ideas for a long time but could not find the medium to create them in. As I love programming, Processing seems promising!

Last Thursday, Eelco and Wanda got married! Nelleke, Willemijn and I didn’t attend the ceremony, but instead we went to the reception at the Keukenhof, in the coach house of the castle of the grounds. It was a very traditional style building, and a lovely reception with lots of family and friends, and some old acquaintances whom I hadn’t seen in a few years. And a sexy waitress who gave me her number before I left and whom I’ll meet later this week for tea.

Aaannnd…. I accidentally turned on TMF last week and found myself listening to some French disco music by Yelle (the song was called A Cause des Garcons). It’s actually really good, in the tradition of Air and Vive La Fête. Check out her myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=29410992 (and while you’re there check out her song ‘Ce Jeu’!)

So for the rest of the evening it’s getting to know Processing and digesting the fennel soup I had earlier this evening… it’s a bit more nutricious than I thought. I won’t be going out tonight as I went out last night with Lorien after seeing Gula (a dance show) and dancing in City Hall with her, and drinking too much 🙂