So, I got this waitress’s number (from the wedding reception two weeks ago), and we had a date yesterday in Noordwijk. The plan was to have a walk on the beach, make interesting conversation, drink some hot chocolate, and then go home in time for dinner. How hard could that be?

What actually happened was that we met at 15.30 (so far so good), but the beach was closed off. Walking along the crowded boulevard we went to Huis Ter Duinen for hot chocolate (which was lovely–and according to plan). When we probably should have gone home, we went for wine at a hotel somewhere and had a good time with a few drinks. Next, we decided to have dinner in a cheap restaurant along the boulevard, and drink some more wine. By now it was already dark. So, after dinner we went for a short stroll and ended up in one of the better places in Noordwijk, ‘t Zeepaardje. We drank more wine there (lots more wine for her and more beer for me). We looked at the time of her last bus home when we staggered out of ‘t Zeepaardje at 22.30 and decided to go for just one more drink. We found a bar that was still open in a hotel somewhere, and had some more wine and beer and a really good time. Time flew. Straight past the departure time of her last bus. As I could not drive anymore we looked at our options and got ourselves a room in that hotel where we had some more drinks out of our minibar and finally collapsed onto the beds at 2 am. All this without ever touching each other, I must add.

Anyway, I had to get up early today to take my cat to the vet, so I got up at 7.30 and went home to do so and then return to the hotel where we would enjoy its facilities for the rest of the morning and afternoon (swimming pool, sauna, etc.). But when I got back to the hotel she’d checked out and left a note beside the bed saying she wasn’t interested and wouldn’t answer my calls. Women… We did have a great night out in Noordwijk together, though, and actually it’s fine this way. I just hope the cat will be allright–I’m picking her up this afternoon after they’ve taken X-rays and some tissue for analysis.