Yesterday I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam with Diana. We went to see the Barcelona 1900 exhibition, with a lot of art from the period, including architectual designs and models, and furniture. And paintings, of course. There were a few paintings that really struck me, like Claudio Hoyos’ The Devil. The city-plans of Barcelona were not created as art but since I like maps, and city plans, and schematics of streets and urban areas, the grid structure of Barcelona centered around the old city center and with rounded corners really struck a chord in me.

We also visited the regular exposition of Van Goghs. The place was pretty crowded, but I took my time for a few of his paintings. I really liked the series of early spring blossoms and the wheat-fields, especially one of his last paintings: a wheat field with crows.

After the museum we had a few (seriously expensive) beers at the Hard Rock cafe, and later that night we went to Diana’s place back in Leiden to eat something, and drink some more beers. The train back to Leiden was delayed as the switch near Hoofddorp failed to switch, so the train had to reverse and approach Hoofddorp a second time–which meant waiting for other trains to pass first. I failed to see the show I had a ticket for, but Diana did make some wonderful chips, a frikandel and a kroket. I took the bus home from her place at 22.16 and slept till 11 this morning.