I went to see John and Anik yesterday evening in Zoetermeer, and with two of their friends we spent a very nice evening playing a dictionary game. One person would look up a word that nobody around the table knew, and we would each write down a meaning. That same person would then read them all aloud (including the right one from the dictionary), and the rest would choose which meaning they thought the word actually has.

Ok, this isn’t easy to describe, but here’s a word that not many people know: “feselen”. Anik had looked up this word, so the rest of us wrote down what we thought it would mean, and Anik would write down the acutal meaning from the dictionary. For example, I wrote down “Het niet nuttig besteden van werktijd na 4 uur ‘s middags”, Linda wrote down “Fijn gemaakte stoffen binden”, John wrote “Op traditionele wijze conserveren met behulp van gisting”. The actual meaning of the word is “fluisteren”, and most of us picked that one. I think you can see that this game can be a lot of fun if you’re with people who can be creative with language!