Even though I rarely crave a cigarette anymore since I quit smoking 5 months ago, I still sometimes dream I am smoking a cigarette. I’ve had a few of these dreams, in which I lavishly inhale and exhale (but even in my dreams I do this hunched away in a dark corner where nobody can see me!), and I’ve always felt such a relief after waking up and realizing it was just a dream. However, last week I dreamt that I woke up and started looking for cigarette buts in my apartment–and found some! I guess I was dreaming that dreams do come true–including the nasty ones.

My gut tells me that I will never smoke again. Some of my friends tell me they quit without much difficulty and started smoking again a year later with even less difficulty. I am convinced, though, that I’ve put away the cigarette in my mind in such a way that I will never take its whispers seriously again.