I just got home from rehearsals for Desire Under the Elms, with Jan, Miranda, Hans and Joop (and of course our director Katelijn). We got to work on the first two scenes, trying things out and finding things that work and that come naturally. The beginning is a bit weird as I come on stage with my back to the audience, say “Mooi” and leave again, after which my character’s two brothers have a dialog with their backs to the audience. But hey, it works and it sets the atmosphere!

The second scene is originally written with eating in it, but we tried it and the eating itself gobbles up so much attention the audience would barely notice the dialog so we took it out. What’s left now is an after-dinner conversation between three brothers that lets the audience glimpse at the underlying drives of the individual characters, mine in particular. They’re farmers, and they don’t say much.

I also worked on Processing, because I’m trying to produce some work for Ivanka she can use to paint a wall in her house. But it’s not easy doing this using the ‘original’ Wilson grids, because they are too random. If you’re using it to decorate, you want much more control over the colors and the number of grids. She send me some color configurations which I used to create specific grids (“Ivanka grids” I call them), in which only a few predefined colors are used. It’s just a question now of producing hundreds of grids and picking the right one!