It was my birthday yesterday! I threw a party on Saturday night and afternoon, and my parents visited Sunday morning. I invited Frodo and Petra to have dinner with me and Ivanka on Saturday, and I prepared a chicken in the oven with some vegetables and potatoes which was a great success! The night didn’t last too long, so Ivanka and I could retire at 1.30 am. Sunday morning my parents came over with my brother Corjan and we had chicken soup. They left at 2.30 and I spent the rest of the day by myself.

I’ve had my eye on the underground parking underneath a small shopping center in my neighbourhood for a while now. Last night I decided to pay it a visit with my camera (being a Sunday evening there weren’t many people around). I took about 140 pictures, tried a few unusual perspectives, and came up with a small album on Picasa containing 11 highlights and two pictures of two boys that wandered around the area and who were mildly interested. Take a look at the album here. Here are two examples: