Ivanka and I have spent a delightful weekend in Trois Point, Belgium. We rented a small house in a Landal park and spent most of our time walking around, playing scrabble and eating (roasted chicken!). We had a few walks in the area on Saturday and Sunday, and on our Saturday walk we came across a huge stairway that led to a small waterhouse in the middle of the forest. We nearly got lost on Sunday when we walked through the forest after leaving the town of St. Jacques, but as we kept following the river we eventually crossed a bigger road (bigger at least than a small riverside forestpath) that wound its way back to the park. Luckily the weather was very nice throughout the weekend and we could sit outside for a few hours each day to read (or play Sudoku) as well as drink tea or coffee.

I ended up taking perhaps 250 pictures before my batteries were gone, but of these only a few are really good. I started to experiment a little with my Canon’s manual mode, but didn’t get much success out of it just yet. I even attempted to take pictures of the starry skies, and somewhat succeeded but not quite (the 1600 ISO value was too high; there is a lot of noise and unsharpness). Here are a few highlights:

The house (or tower) we stayed in

A stream near St. Jacques

Underneath a clear blue sky

See my Picasa album of highlights (17 pictures) here:

Trois Ponts 2008 Highlights