Must be funny in a rich man’s world.

Uhhhh, I’m not a fan of Abba by any means (although The Day Before You Came is in the top ten of the twentieth century, in my opinion) but money is on my mind.

You see, Ivanka has helped me getting my finances under control. Not that I’m actually in trouble, it’s just that my approach to money is like Remco Campert’s approach: don’t pay your bills untill it’s too late, stretch the limits on all of your accounts, pay interest through your nose, loose track of the bills you’re supposed to pay too late, don’t keep a record of your payments, and sit in wonder, panic and puzzlement when you’ve actually reached the limit on your accounts and have to make ends meet with 30 euros for ten days.

So Ivanka suggested I get a loan to get my accounts to zero and then pay off that loan with an interest rate that is less than half the interest rates on my credit card accounts. She also suggested I keep better track of what I spend, and keep a (tight) budget so that in 10 to 12 months I’ll be out of debt and enjoying a healthier financial condition! That’s easier said than done, but I’m taking the first steps already and I’m pretty determined to get a grip on my money.

Meanwhile, I took some pictures like these, just outside my front door (and notice the Bob Ross quality of the light, not to be mistaken for Rembrandt quality):