We’ve moved into the “we have to get this thing on the road, pronto” stage with rehearsals. Our schedule now has us rehearse twice a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and slowly our characters come out of the pages and onto the floor. The hard parts are coming up, the scenes where Abbie and Eben fight each other, and cannot admit to themselves that they are terribly attracted to one another. After those fighting scenes, the inevitable outcome is of course passionate desire, which we’re coming to in the upcoming weeks. One thing about this play that stands out because we’re dealing with it in rehearsals is that its emotional momentum flows so naturally and logically–Eugene O’Neill certainly is a great writer of drama.

And… Tuesday I swapped my old business laptop for a new one! I now have a 15″ wide-screen on a dual core processor running Vista, and I’m quite pleased. Some of my colleagues encountered problems during setup, finalizing settings and restoring a previously made backup, but my experience has been almost bug-free. The only snag I’ve had is that Processing didn’t work properly until I ran it as a WinXP program with Administrator privileges. Apart from that, and the 5 security patches I had to install less than 48 hours after receiving my new laptop, the transition to Vista has been an absolute breeze.