Those of you thinking that music has something to do with a guitar, go away.

noatikl. Sounds a bit weird. It’s actually the name of a generative music program. It’s a program to set parameters with which to create music. It’s a program that generates music based on rules that you’ve set. It’s a program that creates generative music. It’s the most exciting thing to happen in music since Beethoven.

Ok, so this has been done since Brain Eno made ‘Generative Music’ in 1996. He used the Sseyo Koan software and distributed a number of set rules and the software to play along these rules. Noatikl is the next generation of generative music programs. I’m pretty sure Brian Eno is using it himself right now to create ambient and experimental music.

Generative music is a concept of music that’s been around for more than a decade. It basically says that you can set up rules for a music-generating engine, and so produce recipes for musical pieces, rather than a score or a recording. Noatikl is a piece of software that allows you to set up parameters for any number of ‘voices’, and through layering different voices, create a piece of ambient music. When you play a piece in Noatikl it will sound differently from any other time you’ve played it.

There’s a 30-day free trial available at the noatikl website