Miranda and I anticipated Wednesday’s rehearsals with a sense of anxiety and excitement: we rehearsed the scene where Abbie and Eben kiss for the first time. Not a ‘Casablanca’ sort of kiss, but a ravishing passionate kiss that ends in Eben pushing Abbie away.

Actually, the kiss was the easy part. It’s a physical action that isn’t hard (thanks to Miranda who just did it–all I had to do was go along with her). The hardest part was finding a balance of power and dominance between Abbie and Eben in the fight that ensues after the kiss. But we managed thanks to Katelijn and Arnoud, who directed us.

Two months to go before our premiere… that’s not a lot of time! Premieres always come too soon. They just seem to arrive on your doorstep like friends that drop by unexpectedly just when you’re out of beer and snacks. On the other hand, it’s terribly exciting 🙂