Screenshot_ToverleiI’ve had my first Joomla experience over the weekend. I decided to re-create the Toverlei site using Joomla so that it’s easier to maintain and develop. I wanted to use a CMS rather than having to manually alter HTML and aspx files and then upload them to the host-server every time the site needed a change. So I downloaded both Joomla and Drupal, and tried to install them in a sub domain of the Toverlei site. See and

Installing both Joomla and Drupal couldn’t be simpler–it’s literally just copy and paste. The troubles began during configuration. Both CMS’s complain about a global php variable that was turned on but should be set to off. My hosting provider wouldn’t do this as it would impact all the sites they host. Joomla would still install and configure with this variable set to on, but Drupal would not. So I continued with Joomla.

The biggest worry I had was that neither CMS would allow for an application alongside it–and I built one to handle reservations, something I didn’t want to loose. My worries about the reservation application were soon gone, though. Joomla has a nice little component called a Wrapper that can accommodate another site into the one you’re building.

After the first installation, experimentation soon took over as I installed one component after another, worked till 2 am. on Monday copying texts and pictures, and tried to use some of the visuals of the old. The most difficult thing about this migration from a simple application to the Joomla CMS was copying the sub domain to the main domain and adjusting the configuration files and references.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with Joomla 🙂