It’s a little late and I should be in bed by now, but I have just finished a bag of prawn crackers, and I’ve also finished preparing some pictures I took this evening. They’re at the end of this post.

Yesterday we rehearsed a violent scene from “Desire Under the Elms”, where my character has to fight/struggle with his father, and loose the fight. I’m pretty good at that last bit, and Jan (who plays the father) is pretty good at winning a fight (even though he’s 70). When we improvised the first time he held me by my throat and I could not escape. The second time he ended up sitting on top of me and the bruises are still there on my chest. The subsequent improvisations were to my advantage as Jan was getting tired and I was getting into it. Eben has to loose this fight even though he is furious, and I found it was hard to act furious and loose. Fighting on stage is difficult, because you don’t want to hurt the other actors, but it still has to look good. Jan and me still have to find the right balance for this scene.

Eben’s fight with his father preludes his fight with Abbie, his secret love. That fight is hardly physical, but all the more emotional. Miranda and I improvised that scene a number of times, until we gave up because we couln’t hit the mark, then gave it one more try, and really hit the mark. Goes to show that you should never give up, and take a break sometimes.

Here are a few of the pictures I took this evening, near De Vliet swimming pool in Leiden: