It’s a bit presumptious to say that the show you’ve just seen is the best show ever, but This is a show like I’ve never seen before and which has touched me like no other show has touched me before. I’ve tried to put into words why and how, but I don’t think I should–if you have the chance at all, go and see This by Dylan Newcomb. You will never forget the experience and it will make you a better person. This is a Youtube trailer:


I’ll be on a training next week, for Microsoft Biztalk 2006 R2 Deep Dive. I’m really happy about this because it’ll give me a lot of knowledge of the products we’re working with at Capgemini. I hope I can use this knowledge in our project the coming years.

Today, my grandmother turned 93. Yep, that’s old. Very old. I bought her some large-letter books to read, because she still loves reading and her eyes are deteriorating. I hope she enjoys them. She joked that when she passes away, we can leave her books to the local library so that other people can read them too.

I’ve spent some time the last few days thinking about things I shouldn’t think about. I can’t really imagine why I’ve done this, but there just seem to be some strings that tie me to my past. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why I should think about that at all, except a similarity between the processes I’ve been through after breaking up with Ivanka and Marieke that happens after about a month. It’s picking up the pieces and realizing she’s moving on too.