Last Sunday I made arrangements to go out with Diana. We met in Donatello’s to have pizza and then have one or two drinks afterwards. As it turned out, we didn’t have any pizza, and we started with beer that had gone off. After pointing a few waitress’s attention to the matter (and having them taste the beer we were served), they eventually realized that the beer they were serving was bad–it had a weird sweet taste to it that doesn’t belong in beer. So we had a few good beers afterwards there and left without eating a single slice of pizza. We just had some bread and garlic butter.

We hung out at the Praathuys (next to the Pilgrim’s church’s remains) for a few beers, and then moved on to Annie’s Verjaardag for a few more beers.

We’d had a few already and getting a strong cinnamon liquor on the table didn’t help to get out of there at any decent time. However, I was home at 11 that evening, but not before we had to hail a cab in the Breestraat because the central cab-phonenumber wouldn’t work, and because we couldn’t find Diana’s bike in the dark. The evening was a lot of fun!

Queen’s day was very uneventful. I went to visit a friend in Den Haag and we watched a movie together.

Thursday we rehearsed the final few scenes from Desire Under the Elms, getting ready to play the entire play on Sunday for the first time. Jan and Miranda worked really hard.

Today has been very good so far. I’ve taken the day off, and it was a good day to take off; I’ve been in the sun since 11 this morning drinking tea and espresso, and reading Pratchett. And tomorrow is going to be just as good if not better, as I have nothing to do and the sun is out all day!