Some of you know that I was looking for abandoned offices or factories in Leiden. Well, I found one in the Rooseveltstraat yesterday.

Even though it is lined with fences that have signs posted on them, with big letters warning of dangers lurking behind and of the illegal nature of entering the site, I found that one of the gates wasn’t locked so I could just walk past the building to the parking lot behind it. There was one big door into the building that wasn’t locked either, so I entered the empty building with my camera and tripod, and a slightly nervous excitement for trespassing.

I was not disappointed with what I found when I entered

The central hall was stripped of all its machinery and lined with windows, there were rooms with abandoned computers, lots of files, a laboratory with some equipment, a central hallway that was long and empty, and all of it was covered in dust. There was a serenity to it, but one that was occasionally broken by the sound of birds on the roof, trampling and screaming, which gave me the creeps once or twice.


The floor was dirty with grease and dust, and various unidentified objects.

The windows were dirty, and lit by the setting sun. The colors in this photograph are slightly enhanced.