is that you can’t tell anybody. It’s like skipping the body of this post and just reading the first and last line.

Have you ever been overcome with laughter till the sun disappears from your eyes over something you imagined happening but didn’t actually happen, or over something you’ve seen on tv 13 years ago?

If you have, you know it’s impossible to tell anyone about it. How stupid would it be to say, “I’ve been laughing at this guy with a beard, who smokes a pipe and is sitting next to a household fire, with a labrador next to him, and who speaks in unintelligeble utterances for 2 minutes, which I’ve seen him doing in 1995 on the BBC.”?

Or, “I just imagined what it would be like if that woman would push her cart so that that guy with the pineapple in his hand would make a weird move backwards and throw the aforementioned pineapple into the air, which would land on that other guy’s head, so that he would drop the bottle of expensive wine making the employee who showed him that bottle look sour and distressed–which would cause verybody to look at him and forget where they were going with their cart and bump everybody in their ankles?”

It’s absolutely impossible.

You’re far better off saying that you’re just happy and in a ‘funny mood’, when people ask what you’re wetting your pants for. It’s a real superior-advocate when you do this, because it means you enjoyed something that you know somebody else wouldn’t enjoy. Then again, people with good imagination are better than those who are without it. Don’t worry, they skip the text of this post unitl the next line.

So, if you have ever laughed at something you couldn’t explain, here’s your chance to explain it!