That’s it! We’re done with Desire Under the Elms. Last night was the last night.

The funny thing about this production is that, in my view, the acting got better and better and culminated in the best show last night. I’m glad my parents and brother were there to watch it. It was also very nice to work with everybody, but I guess Desire almost dictates that you take rehearsals very seriously.

We made a present for Katelijn and a gift for Arnoud, which we handed to them after the show:

begeren08   begeren02


Me, Katelijn and Arnoud went for a drink in De Burcht afterwards, and I eventually went home at 2.30 am.

I wanted to pick up my car today, as it was still in Leiderdorp. It takes about 30 minutes by bus, and the ride is actually reasonably enjoyable. I wanted to take the bus, but after waiting for about 20 minutes at the bus-stop, I began wondering where it was–and why there weren’t any other busses around. Then it slowly dawned on me that the chauffeurs are on a strike this week. Aha.

So, biking there was fun as the sun was out. I managed to get my bike inside my car, although it proved to be tricky. I also took Katelijn’s present with me as we left it at Toverlei the night before. Before I dropped it off at her place I had tea and coffee at a small terrace near the Lammenschansbrug, and some fries at the Vlietlanden. Katelijn and I talked a little about the show, and about acting, and about how acting should hurt you as an actor. Then I went home to make pancakes 🙂

And I’m ready for Midsummernight’s Dream!