Got a part! Lysander!

We had a first audition two weeks ago and some of us were asked to come back for a second audition. Some parts needed more consideration, others were already given. Ruud (director) told us beforehand who already had which part, and which parts needed to be filled in at the end of the evening. He’d already assigned Lysander to me, the only important role that was still open was Puck. At the end of the Evening, Thea was the lucky one!

We went to work with improvisations, and some rudimentary scenes to get our first taste of all the characters and the situations they’re in. We chronically moved through the play, and even now it’s already complicated to remember at what time who is attracted to whom. The people I’ll be playing with are Marieke (Hermia), Diana (Helena) and Stephan (Demitrius). Rehearsals start next week, on Tuesdays. So I guess my attendance at the ICT4Free evenings will be even worse than what it already is.