Last Saturday Toverlei’s board had a meeting that spanned 6 hours, receiving most committees Toverlei has, and discussing with them their responsibilities, plans and problems. I dreaded this meeting as I thought it’d be mostly dull and predictable, but as it turned out it was actually rather useful and the meeting just flew by. It helped that the last committee couldn’t be there and the meeting was over at 16.30.

I visited Frodo and Petra, who moved into the Merenwijk and held a housewarming party. I met John and Anik and Rowan, and admired their new home. Funny thing how a previously assumed dull urban area turns out to be acutally a rather nice place to live. Guess I’m getting older, but who could maintain that the Merenwijk is an awful place when you’re surrounded by so much greenery and gardens, small angled blocks, and small quiet streets?

Then on Sunday I made onion-soup and started in Dan Simmons’ Olympus. I had left some of my stuff at a friend on Friday, and I picked those up in the evening. We had some strawberries with whipped cream together, as well as a walk on the beach and some tea.

I really liked the onion-soup, but the drawback of eating onions is that the smells in my apartment are like the fumes of hell at the moment…