This is a (roughly) 190 degrees view from my balcony:

190 degrees

E650My PDA phone crashed last Tuesday evening and wouldn’t start up again. I let it drop a few times so it has some damage on the outside, but I didn’t figure it would matter on the inside. I called Orange and they collected it this morning to send it away for repairs, and they gave me a new phone for the time being. I actually like the new phone (SPV E650) better than my old one (SPV M650), but that’s probably only until this one breaks. I was a little worried that I might have to manually copy every contact from Outlook into my new phone, but the integration and synchronization was seamless! Microsoft doesn’t always get things right, but this time they succeeded in avoiding disaster.

Meanwhile, I feel an urge to make panoramic pictures, so that might be what I’m going to do this weekend. There’s a workshop tomorrow at Toverlei to asses potential new members, I hope to make pictures of the inside or our theater. I also want to go out and ‘hike’ across the Vlietlanden again, but I think I’ll wait until the sun is lower so that there are better colors in the sky.