My brother Corjan is turning 40 tomorrow (June 26th), and he invited me and my parents for a roundtrip in Rotterdam’s port and dinner afterwards. We went on a Spido boat, and it sailed through the port for about 90 minutes. You wouldn’t believe the beauty of a heavily industrialized port! The dry-docks that carry huge ships, the inconceivable amount of containers stacked together all along the shoreline, the old buildings that are no longer used but were once used for storage in the early life of Rotterdam’s port, and the simply overwhelming scale of everything!

After seeing the port we went to a small (and I mean: 13 people max) restaurant called “Oma Kookt” in Rotterdam. The ride there was adventurous, as we got lost almost immediately after we set off, and my dad had to work his way through the tough Rotterdam traffic. His years as a bus driver really came in useful, although my mom became increasingly agitated and nervous as the minutes passed.

But, we got there. “Oma Kookt” serves very simple traditionally Dutch meals at a very good price, and the food was as great as we expected. Just before our meals arrived a regular customer came for his dinner and he sat at our table (although there were only two tables in the restaurant, and one of them was taken by the staff). He spoke with a heavy Rotterdam’s accent and about all things concerning the city and himself. Although we’d preferred it to be left alone, he wasn’t an intrusion and actually quite fun to listen to. 

I didn’t carry any of my camera’s on me, but I did take some snapshots with my phone (none of them very good, to be honest):

IMAGE_050     IMAGE_072