I met up with the cast of Desire Under the Elms last Friday for pizza and to watch our director’s new play, Verheen, adapted from My Private Idaho. She teaches drama at schools and produces plays with adolescents (obviously also with adults), and Verheen is a play in her ‘own’ theatre in an empty power plant in Leiden.

We walked from scene to scene, as the scenes were distributed across the different rooms in that power plant. It’s a little hard to maintain concentration in the beginning, but you soon get used to going to another place for the next scene. Halfway through I found myself rushing because I wanted to know how the story would continue! Although not all of the actors were good, most of them were acceptable and some were really good.

After the show we went for a few drinks in Respons (formerly known as De Spons) and I rode home in the rain.

I started the weekend on Saturday with a walk around de Vlietlanden, also in the rain. It took me less than two hours to round the lake, and nothing interesting happened at all. I was soaking wet at one point, but the hiking-clothes I have dry quickly and don’t irritate the skin when wet. They do tend to smell when dried from the rain, though… In the afternoon I had a few drinks with Diana in Leiderdorp, and when I got home I made a pan of chicken soup. My walk did make me think about booking a hiking-holiday somewhere this summer, but I haven’t decided yet on a location: Lake District, Slovenia, Norway or Scotland… suggestions are welcome!

Here is a panorama of a small field in de Vlietlanden:


The stitching software had some problems with this one. Also, the colours were really bad, so I modified them a bit in Photoshop. Can’t help the visible and disruptive seams, though.

Today Manuela came over for dinner and a walk on the beach. She usually can’t eat everything she likes because her two daughters need to eat it too and they are–like all children–very selective of what they’ll eat. Her kids are away for the weekend, so I offered to make her some big fat slices of bacon, asparagus, left-over chicken-soup, and banana ice-cream with whipped cream on top. She didn’t refuse the offer J.

To finish this weekend and be fresh tomorrow at work, I’ll retire early tonight and read on in Dan Simmons’ Olympus.