Sunday I went for a walk with Manuela and we talked about our holidays; she’s going to Sweden and I hadn’t made any plans yet. I told her I would like to go on a hiking-holiday by myself, and having heard myself saying that I immediately set out to see what was on offer in Norway, Slovenia, Germany, England and Scotland. I found an organisation that provides accommodation in and a map of the Lake District, with a route going from Ulverston to Carlisle (South to North) straight through the area. The organisation (Mickledore) books the accommodation along the route at bed&breakfast hotels, packs your lunch, and leaves everything else up to you.

I’ve booked the 9-nights route (the Cumbria Way–you can also hike it in 6 or 7 days with longer hikes each day) and start on August 8th. The first hike is on August 9th, the last on August 16th. And I am really looking forward to the experience! I fly in to Liverpool, and then take the train to Ulverston, which runs along the coast for a while. Always wanted to ride on an English train!

On Monday I not only booked a holiday, but also almost caused a mess on the highway; my engine quit right before the Ouderijn intersection on the A12. It just stopped without warning while I was going 110 kph. I could stop the car on the side-lane and start the engine again, but the confidence I had in that piece of machinery was completely gone. I had to drive back from Utrecht to Leiden to get to the car-dealer, and every time the car slowed down I looked at the board-computer display to see if it flashed anything about an engine failure. Tuesday I learned that one of the valves was malfunctioning and fortunately they could replace it immediately.

Apart from all that, this week was uneventful. I got cut down a bit at work, seeing the solutions some of my colleagues had for a problem I couldn’t satisfactory solve myself. I didn’t sleep very well because of the temperatures, and I’ve made a start with a new Ict4Free project to build a Joomla website for a handicapped sports-club.