I’ve been fiddling with processing this evening (after having typed out the minutes of some meeting I had a few weeks ago, outside on the terrace of Brasserie ‘t Park, in the sun on a Saturday afternoon with a few beers to go round–go figure how much I’d remember of what was said!).

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while was to draw with a line that looks like a line drawn with an old-fashioned, sharp-pointed fountain pen. That is, a thin, sharp line that isn’t entirely straight, and has some fuzzy noise alongside it. I had to write the code to draw such a line myself, as it required tracing that line pixel by pixel and adding random fuzzy noise at its sides.

I succeeded, although the line looks best at around a 45 degree angle. I’ve written a small program to also incorporate rotation and translation, and came up with this result:


I then drew these kinds of squares on a black background rather than a white one, but it doesn’t have as much impact:


So, moving on I then used the built-in function to draw lines which yielded this result which isn’t half bad for its mellow mood, but it lacks the poignant quality of the first drawing:


To finish off, I incorporated the code I wrote to draw broken lines, and it gave me something I didn’t expect but which I really like for it’s combination of harsh contrast, impact and soft edges: