I saw Hellboy II yesterday with Carlijn in Den Haag. What a wonderful movie! I thought it missed some of the originality and humour of the first instalment, but was nonetheless a surprising movie with a lot of action and special effects. Carlijn disagreed and thought the second instalment was better than the first.

I had some problems getting home, though. My bike was in the secure section of the bike-parking facility, and they close at 1.30 am. The trouble is, trains from Den Haag back to Leiden leave with a one hour interval from 0.30 am onwards. I thought I would take that 0.30 am train, but the movie finished at 0.32, much later that I had anticipated. There was no way to get back to Leiden in time to collect my bike. And I always thought I live in a well-organized urban area…

After considering our options we decided to have a few drinks.

We leisurely walked to the station at around 1.45 am (after the terrace was closed), said goodbye for the evening, and I waited for my train. It was a bit weird as the hall was almost empty, save for a few souls waiting for their trains:



I got to Leiden at around 2.50 but had to walk home as I couldn’t get to my bike. Normally that isn’t a problem but I was wearing my Sunday shoes and they’re not cut out to walk on comfortably for more than 15 minutes at a time. It took me almost 35 minutes to get home, but I really enjoyed the solitary splendour of Leiden in the deep of the night. It surprised me that there were still people around–although admittedly one of them dead drunk trying to bike in a steady line, or at least roughly between the edges of the pavement.

Today I collected my bike after getting a free ride on the bus (carried only a 50 euro note and had to pay € 1.20, so the driver kindly let me in without paying), and hung around in the city as it is really lovely weather. If I’m not too tired tonight I think I will take out my camera and tripod and capture night scenes again.

Another thing I did yesterday was book a flight to Warsaw. More on that later : ).