Last Saturday I saw a show with Tilly, in the V&D in Leiden. De Veenfabriek performed “Haar Leven Haar Doden”, a play that is performed throughout the warehouse and also in the areas where shopping visitors can’t go. I never knew that this warehouse houses an additional staircase that is reminiscent of old-style hotel staircases, but is hidden from the masses and resides in a dark place behind the counter at the shoe and sock department. It is rather exciting to climb it as it creaks and you have absolutely no idea where it is heading.

It is a bit too complex to capture on a blog, but I found a small youtube video of the song they perform in the middle of the toys department (but that does not show on the video):

One of the fun things about this show was that people were still shopping when it was going on: there was one scene next to the escalators, where people were coming down throughout the scene–to find two actors in front of them and 60 people looking at them. Most of them had to laugh, some were very shy, and there was one little girl who stood aside and watched the rest of the scene wide-eyed with interest.

The show lasted 2 hours but was not tedious at any point. Changing location for different scenes helped in this respect, but the fragmented story of Anne carried enough momentum and information to keep me interested anyway. It was the first time I have ever heard a woman say “Long live porn!”!