So I lost a bet with Pieter and Manuela, who said I would get drunk on Friday night when I had said I would NOT get drunk. I suppose I was begging to loose that bet. Now I have to take them to a sauna someday in 2009. But that’s not too bad!

The weekend was a great success, with a boat-trip, a barbecue, an evening of hilarious sketches, and a lot of beer. Some things that I remember are looking out from the top of Fort Penningsveer in the middle of the night when the fort was bathing in moonlight, playing rounds of improvised sketches on Saturday night and walking around the room as a dress-up boy dressed in plastic bags, laughing until we spilt our beer talking about porn-channels and genitalia, and seeing Lorien take the rudder of the boat in front of ours, losing any feeling for direction, speed, and danger, and managing to  almost drill her boat into the side of the 150-feet wide canal.

The fort itself was rather nice, built in the early 1800’s and a part of the Amsterdam defence line organized in the early 1900’s, and serving as a camp to detain NSB members after World War II. It is no longer a military complex since 1950.

Here are a few pictures of the weekend:

IMG_2926 IMG_3010

  IMG_2921 IMG_2950IMG_2959 IMG_2943