Ola has visited me this weekend! She flew in from Eindhoven on Thursday and left this morning for Krakow. She flew via Eindhoven because the BizzAir company does not fly on Schiphol, and because it is cheaper than any other airliner. Also, it flies from Katowice which is rather close to Krakow.

We spent Thursday at home, mostly, and Friday too as we both had to work from our laptops. We did manage to visit the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden late in the afternoon–where we spent a lot of time taking pictures. In the evening we went to see a show, íSa by dancegroup T.R.A.S.H., and on Saturday we visited Amsterdam. We had some luck with the weather this weekend–Amsterdam was delightful to walk through. We visited the Nieuwmarkt (where she bought some lovely cheeses), De Wallen, De Dam, and we had a walk along the canals and saw may interesting sites along the way. Of course we also had a canal-tour later in the afternoon, and a wonderful dinner to finish off our visit to Amsterdam (after which she tried Jenever and decided it was enough like Wodka to like it). Unfortunately we didn’t have enough money on ourselves to pay for dinner and we could not use our cards… Aleksandra had to find a cash point outside to get some money to pay for dinner. But it was part of the fun!

Sunday I had rehearsals for Midsummer Night’s Dream but Aleksandra entertained herself in Leiden all afternoon, and in the evening we had a roast chicken from the oven for dinner. Then, on Monday we first visited Madurodam in the morning. Later we had coffee in Den Haag and saw some of the Madurodam sites for real!

In the afternoon Aleksandra wanted to visit Kinderdijk because she really likes windmills. Even though I grew up about 20 kilometers from that site, I had never visited it before. I was surprised to learn it is on the Unesco World Heritage list, it does not look very spectacular and it also does not feel significant. It’s basically just three rows of windmills (ok, some of them are old) without much information. Nevertheless, we spent a few hours there taking pictures and walking along the canals and windmills. Today Aleksandra is flying back to Katowice. I cannot visit her anytime soon because of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which premieres in one month), but I want to visit her again by car!