MaKoHo is actually short for Marinus Commer Hokke, or Marco Hokke. The C of Commer has been replaced by the K because I was named after my mother’s father whose name was Kommer. Marco obviously looks better than Marko unless you’re from Denmark, so my parents put a C where a K would be proper. Never mind, I just like MaKoHo better than MaCoHo.

I like to turn the compass around every now and then, exploring various roads and new headings. There are so many roads left!

Makoho @ balcony

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Check out Sex & the City in Holland:



  2. Amit Says:

    It’s nice to read your blog. I would request you to write in our blog too…
    If you think, the blogsite is worthy for you to write, pleas let me know, I will send you an invitation.

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